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Love Letter


1/17/10 05:35 pm - genzouu - Question

hi everyone! 
I've read akuma de sourou a long  time ago, and I do like it.  
I know it might be a ridiculous question,  
but I'd like to know if someone could tell me more about these picture below.

 Is it different from the other 11 volumes??? Does anybody know where I can find good scans of these covers??

thanks for your attention,

3/27/07 10:31 pm - kokoro_chan93 - icon dump # 4

Wow, I made it no. 4. I must continue~!!!! Yatta~!!! To think that I have 30 icons~!! Waiii~!! So many! Gambarre~!

1. Credit is nice...
2. Comment is so <3
3. No hotlinking...okie?
4. Textless icons are not bases~!!!

~Ouran Highschool Host Club-[15]
(Kyoya-ccentric!! *squees* )
~Death Note-[10]
~Akuma de Sourou-[5]

1 2 3 4

(So a fake cut...)

8/9/06 10:12 pm - kykou_yk

Yallo everyone!

Great! I was hoping there would be a comm on this awsome manga 8DD

Well, as an intro post I don;t like to come with nothing so I have a coloured pic!

This is only a small verison ^^U I don't think anyone has to see a crappy large one

3/18/06 06:34 pm - elleestlimonade - hello :D

Hi~ My name is Mun Pai. I saw Akuma de Sourou sitting on the shelf in a bookstore near where I live and I thought "Hm. That guy looks a lot like hide." So I looked at it and eventually ended up purchasing the whole series. ^^; I absolutely loved it and I'm probably going to read it again. XD It was so cool to see a character based off of hide...Without Takeru, I probably wouldn't have picked it up.

The sad thing is, none of my friends have read it. ;_; So I haven't had anyone to discuss it with until I found this community! :D

8/8/05 06:44 pm - himrockergirl - Newcomer!

Hi. I'm Stacey. I love Akuma de Sourou. I think it is one of the best mangas I've read. I learned about it a while ago through my sister. I fell in love with it after I read the first chapter. I also love the Taiwanese drama for it called Devil Beside You. I think Takanashi Mitsuba is a brilliant artist. I think it's kinda stupid how they use the English name for the book instead of the Japanese name, but I understand why they did it. I just wanted to say that I love Akuma de Sourou. Byes!

5/21/05 03:57 pm - ex_fuctrack - New~

Hi! I just stumbled upon this little community and I thought I'd join. I reccently discovered Akuma de Sourou through my LOVE/OBSESSION with hide (Hideto Matsumoto) - a Japanese rock musician whom Takeru is based upon. My friend gave me several pictures from the manga and I LOVED the style and quickly went to read up on it and found out about the hide/Takeru connection so I read a translation of the story and loved it.

So yes, hi! My name's Bec and I'm from Australia.

4/17/05 03:08 am - ninja_setsuna

Welcome to the community, please post often!
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